Stop focusing on the reasons why it doesn’t work, and find just one reason why it does.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.32.47 AMI’ve read quite a few articles and posts lately on several different social media avenues, where one and then another don’t believe that their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc give them the leads, the sales, the coverage, whatever it is they were hoping to acquire.

Well then, I’m sorry to say that you are simply not using these avenues to the best of your ability. Granted, some will understand the ins and outs of marketing more than others. Hell, I know I’m no marketing genius, and I know that I could always improve on some such places. But what I do know is that with the time I do place into each channel, I will achieve some kind of exposure – be it small or big. It’s all about trial and error. Some things I do work brilliantly, while others not so good. But I never allow that to falter my next move, or allow myself to believe that I am failing by any means. It just means that I need to try something different. And research. Research, research, research. See what your competitors are doing – take note of what works and what doesn’t work, and go from there. But above all else… DON’T GIVE UP!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.15.41 AMLet’s take Facebook: I’ll use their mission statement ©Facebook Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

Therefore, when sharing and posting on Facebook, why not make it a little more personal. People like to uncover who you are as a real person, not just about what you do. It allows them to feel more connected, and in turn they will support you any way they can.

34610ca792620a0f8bec7afee43ce5c31381_1PDtwittericonset_362x407Twitter: It’s pretty basic. It allows you to give people quick snippets of you and your work, but remember, you need to make it catchy – find that hook. Because you are limited by the amount of characters, work with words and phrases that are strong, and have the reader/follower wanting more.

Linkedin-iconLinkedIn: This is a professional base. LinkedIn is about connected with like-minded people who may, or may not, give you what you need in order to make that next move within your career. Generally, you will NOT find posts about the family cat or the next door neighbours party that keeps you up till all hours of the morning :) But what you will also find is a lot of inspiring articles, etc that remind you and teach you what steps to make next.

Remember, it’s all a numbers game, so to speak. So follow back, retweet, share, and comment on others posts. They will be grateful for your time, and this is bound to only lead you to future connections and further support. Stating that these avenues don’t do all you believed they would… well… I hate to say it, but your right. Why? Because you’re stuck in that mind frame. Stop it! If all you get is one light of hope, or one more person notes your name for even the briefest of moments, then haven’t you already begun a chain reaction. That’s all it takes guys. Inch by inch as they say. It may take you months. It may take you years, but if you have already found a place of hands up in the air stating, “This is BS, and I give up.” Then don’t expect to move any further.

Oh, and never be afraid to ask for a little help a long the way :)


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Positive-Picture-QuotesI have a dream… and I am sure as hell gonna look, listen, write, and speak my way into my place of dreams come true. There ain’t no way I am going to let those dreams remain dormant upon the bookshelf in that back room… no matter how many no’s, no matter how many unanswered prayers and emails wrote. You watch – and you’ll see.

We are faced with chances and choices each and every day. Some will walk around with their eyes shut, never truly seeing what lays beyond their peripheral vision. Some may see, and yet they will still choose to never acknowledge the truth of the possibility.

6314-1365716900642You’ll probably have to work your backside off, for only once in a blue moon does your choice of chance actually land at your feet. But for those who do push forward with strength and belief – for those who choose to see, and do choose to acknowledge and allow the hope, the potential, maybe even the destiny that was always set to land at your feet… then understand that your chances and choices could be laid beneath your next step. Expect that unexpected jolt. Push the boundaries to places where the man or woman beside you isn’t quite game to. Because really… what’s the worst that can happen?

Ah… even if you land flat on your face… so what! mudTrust me… I have tripped on my own feet, and most definitely fallen face first into a puddle of mud and muck – time and time again. I think my head was even held under a few times. Sometimes I want to cry. Sometimes I swear I’m gonna scream, screech and throw a few punches. But hey… who hasn’t felt like this once or twice?

As Napoleon Hill once said, “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”

Like I said… Push it! Be crazy, be foolish, dare not let any hold you back. Especially you. And remember… step beyond that point that all other’s believe is sane, and make your next step into a world of every possibility and every dreamed

Love to all, Tania Elizabeth xo

What Is The Value Of Literature?

Originally posted on Banister's Mind:

This morning, I participated briefly in a discussion about reading preferences between ebooks and physical books. In the course of the discussion, it became clear to me that there is an expectation on the part of consumers that a title presented to them in digital form should be priced dramatically lower than its print counterpart or, in many cases, it should be free.

While I can accept that ebook pricing by and large should be set on a different tier to its print counterpart, the concensus view point made me angry.

Readers have very little concept of the work an author puts into creating,  writing, editing and producing a story. When an author commits to a project, it can consume anywhere up to a couple of years of your life. The amount of research, character development, story development, editing, proof reading that is required of a writer is significant –…

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L.L.Hunter has become one such young lady who my heart has fallen prey to. Be it her 10441407_410877602388848_2171101450351718258_nsunny disposition, her giving nature, or her purest of heart and mind… she is one such soul whom I shall always find time for.

Laura is also author to several lovely reads for those young at heart, and she is winning over the heart’s of many through her words and gracious stance. Laura is actually soon to be releasing another one of her wonderful reads.

Molten Heart is the name to such a read. Which as I’m told is Book One to this YA dystopian / post-apocalyptic Saga. I am also told that the release date for these pages of story will be October 31, 2014 – only a few weeks away. So, be sure to put in your pre-orders if you find this your kind of read. Find all details you shall require below…

Molten Heart - Amazon Front Cover-1BLURB   Forty years after the middle-east dropped bombs on our country, we are now just starting to rebuild. But a new danger threatens our small community. A group of men we call The Takers, have returned to finish what they started ten years earlier.

So we leave.

My friends and I head to a safe house five days away where there is food a plenty and the hope of a fresh start. But we never will be out of danger. And my heart will never be safe, not around Lukas Green. When I thought I couldn’t be broken any further, I fear Lukas will break the wall around my heart down so far, my heart won’t have a choice but to melt. He really will be the death of me.

My name is Skye Montgomery and this is my story.

If you would like to, you may join L.L.Hunter for some Halloween fun, thrills and games to celebrate Molten Heart’s release — simply follow this link.

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Picture by Retrodiva Photography

Picture by Retrodiva Photography

Star of distant fire

Now setting in the west,

Find calm within the twilight

Behind the mountains crest.

Winds of night’d whisper

Are hummed in lullaby;

The moon holds song and stars do dance

A thousand firefly.

Be thy sleep to where I request

As I drift in ardent dream,

Though be it a dream just a dream

Or a speech of thy soul to redeem.

Behind eyes of close, a daring jewel cast

A diamond ambition, a yearn;

A feeling of unexplained truth,

A feeling of impressionable burn.

A secret self I’ve long kept in seal,

For fear of failure, for fear of unknown.

A blinded desire no longer unsighted;

An existence dare I call all my own?

I listen, I hear, strong sounds, governed words.

I watch as the vision unfold.

Where be am I guided? Is my head in the clouds?

Or are fated ideas long foretold?

A door! Do I fear it? Do I look?

I reach for the handle and turn.

My eyes flutter as a new day is born;

I’ve opened to find I’ve returned.

Now all that is left is a conflict in mind.

Do I believe in the dream I’ve now met?

Was the inspired force an intentional call?

Was it brought forth for I now to set?

Do I have the courage to pursue it?

Was it seemingly more than a dream?

For a dream is an expression of soul’s want to be heard,

A dream is a speech our souls scream!

Isn’t it?



Today I embark on a new journey. I am about to step foot onto an incredible path of enlightenment and magic.

Blessed have I been that I was asked by some Aboriginal and Islander elders to bring forth their stories of the real magic within their people. I am to immerse myself within their culture, their stories, their truth… all in order to deliver a divine story never been told.

I am unbelievably honoured that they allow myself to do so, and I look forward to eventually blessing each of you with all that I may disclose.

Love and Blessings to all xo

SALUTATIONS – It’s been a while…

Well hello there beautiful souls… It has been some time since I last wrote. Okay, before I start rambling on, I have some great news. The Tier of Eternal Grace series is now available in eBook. As of earlier today, this includes iBooks. This is a first for this series of enchantment. Yes, yes, I know… it’s about time. Find more details of this further down.

Well… life has been one hell of a roller coaster over the last so many months. Be that professionally, and personally. Though I promise I shall endeavour to write on a regular basis once more. IMG_3002On a personal level, I have loved, and I have lost. I allowed myself open to something of new, only to have it torn from my clutches. However, we must continue to move forward – in strength and determination. Never be we lose hope in the wonders and beauty that life may behold. Those moments of heartache and hurt – they only allow us further reflection upon that which is most important in our lives.

My family and I have also been held in places of further affliction, due to reasons I shall not disclose; though again – none such place will ever allow us broken. We deem only days of smile and success; for this is as we all deserve. That includes you!

My three angels and I are also in the processes of packing up and moving. However, between emotional turmoils, long, endless, sleepless hours of working on my dreams, running a house and kids, and trying to pack… well… like I said – it’s been one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Now – professionally – although tiring, and at times I swear I was ready to throw a little tantrum. Hold on, I think I actually did a few times… LOL. Sorry, where was I – professionally – oh yes… professionally I have only been overall blessed with bigger and better than ever before. All that I have been working so hard towards, has finally begun to show the results I had so long dreamt of. I have even been featured besides some world renowned authors – which in itself was incredibly beautiful for myself. And yet… it’s still only the beginning. I am currently in Hong Kong, and then I am flying to Far North Queensland. There I shall be researching and connecting with some Aboriginal and Islander elders for my next series of books. Though, I’ll give you more on that journey as the time comes.

But, how about I give you a little about my personal journey within writing The Tier of Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 4.45.04 AMEternal Grace series. A series in which was very recently re-launched. The entire series has been rewritten, with particular scenes being withdrawn, and yet the story becoming of so much more at the same time. I have grown so much as a person and as a writer over the last few years, and that in itself is shown within the pages. Alongside the interior changes, then came a complete overhaul, with new book covers also – which were designed by the delightful and talented, Miss Patti Roberts.

I didn’t realize it at the time. How could I? How could I have had any idea to how much The Tier of Eternal Grace was about to change my life? For the better I might add. There is so much story behind the story. The entirety of that will have to wait for another time. Though what I can disclose is this . . . I had so much fun writing these books. But what was even more beautiful for myself, was that with the words that flowed of much ease, sometimes like it were not even I behind them, I began an incredible journey of self heal. I dealt with aspects of my former life that I had tried to keep well hidden. The very thought of some facets bringing my stomach to churn. As I wrote and watched similar details unfold within my characters lives, it became an understanding of new. My first step was to become grateful, for every piece of my life, both small and grand. I then had to forgive. I had to forgive me. From there I had to find love, the greatest love of all . . . the love of me. Now I can safely say that there was the hardest part of all. Though, by the time I’d finished writing The Moon Clearing, I could actually look myself in the mirror and say, “I love me” – for the first time in my life. And this growth continued right through all of my writings. I had grown mentally and spiritually. I’d found my connections back within the arms of thy divine, and also with that of the faerie.

Artwork by Brian Froud

Artwork by Brian Froud

Yes, as I have stated before – I talk to faeries. Be it you chose to believe in my truth, or think I’m a little mad – I don’t mind. I know who I am, and I stand tall and proud within my knowing.

Anyhow – thy faerie, alongside all spirit of the divine who came to me throughout my days and nights, I must thank you. It is with their guidance and my own determination of course that I was able to grow into that person I am now truly proud of. The things they have shown me over the years, and that of which they continue to show me, never ceases to amaze me.

Can I give you one simple example . . . The blue rose. Which is obviously a very big part of The Tier of Eternal Grace series, for more reasons than one. Well, would you believe that it was thy divine spirit who first gave me f78a7c43f289129028495d5cd0fb6a31the image of a blue rose. Do you know that I didn’t even realize until I was already writing the third book to this series, that the blue rose conveys eternal youth and wishes fulfilled. Perfectly fitting wouldn’t you say. From the very beginning I had just trusted what I was shown and told, and I went with it. But oh my goodness, what a synchronicity, or was it fate? I know my answer, though I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Occurrences like this happen each and every day. And that’s not just for me. That’s for you too. You just have to believe, or as Tatiana would say . . . Trust. Forget what the logical mind tries to reason you with. It is your heart where the real truth lay. And trust me when I f3ba7a309fda05966f5a0fee24dab21fsay . . . if you listen, you will hear, without a doubt, you will hear. Signs shall be placed at your feet, so to speak, in so many different ways. They are always trying to communicate with you. Just as they have always done so for myself, and for thy characters within these books. Some will read The Tier of Eternal Grace series, losing themselves within their world of magic and enchantment. Finding themselves invested in thy characters with their own tears and joy, fears and chuckles. While there will be others who see beyond the story . . . for the deeper you look, the more you will find. Truths, signs, messages, and real magic. It’s all there, if only you are willing to see behind the words, and not just in front. And, who knows . . . if you open yourself up to the possibilities and believe, you may even find one of my faeries on your doorstep. So… to every single one of you who have been patient within me – and to all those who are still to fall within my stories, and of course within that of thy fae…

Thank you. I love you all dearly. My dreams would never be held within my truths if it wasn’t for all of you.

Much Love, Blessings and Faerie Kisses, Tania Elizabeth xo

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PS. Don’t forget… if you have yet to grab your copies of The Tier of Eternal Grace series, be sure to do so. They are now available in eBook, as well as paperback and hardcover. Simply follow one of the links below. Remember, Book One is named, The Moon Clearing. Book Two, The Mirrors Shadow. And Book Three, The Souls Cry.

Website: Tier of Eternal 

All three books available on iBooks

Amazon: The Moon Clearing, Book One  –  The Mirrors Shadow, Book Two  –  The Souls Cry, Book Three

Smashwords (ebook): The Tier of Eternal Grace series (all three) Available in all formats. All thy books are also available on Booktopia, Barnes and Noble, alongside all good bookstores.