REAL MAGIC Do you believe?

I have read the quotes and I have listened to numerous people speak of what they believe to bebf684c51958b745ab7ddf27bb7bc1689 magic… or what they believe magic is not. In all essence, magic is what you want it to be. It could be waking to the sound of the majestic birds and whispers through the trees out your back door. It could be the feeling within, that undeniable sensation you get when your lips touch that singular being who you can call your own. Or, it could be the most genuine hug of all… the one that we as parents receive from our child. Now these are most definitely the most beautiful magical gifts any one person could ever receive.

Though may I speak to you of something more. Magic! As in spells and incantations, charms and trance, which in turn is really only a very very deep belief in one’s abilities.

f50ecb42f8131d9eac9cc85afd46c488If I told you that you were capable of performing real magic… What would you say? Now, I’m not talking about the amazing tricks and illusions of a magician. I’m talking about the stuff that throws energies out into the universe, or directly in front, producing spellbinding truths in front of your very eyes.

I’m almost certain that 99% or more of you, would tell me that it wasn’t possible. And or, you may not say it, but I can guarantee that you were thinking it… “Not true. Can’t be done.”

If only you all understood, that true magic can in fact be performed by each and every one of you. Unfortunately, you have been brought up in a society that has placed absolute doubts and definite dispute when it comes to this subject. Which is actually a little sad. Because quiet often this then wraps about many beliefs you may have of yourself and this unbelievable world we live in. Though… I am one such being whoa136128d4f027a74c1872c287cfad771 will undoubtedly stand tall within the knowing, that magic, in its truest form of belief and manifestation, is without any fear or confusion… REAL. I have seen, I have felt and I have come to understand what we can undeniably bring into fruition, if only you rid yourself of all possible doubt. The power of the mind is incredible. The energy we each exude within is to most – inconceivable.

Now granted, some consider me a little mad, and will try to have me believe otherwise. And that’s okay. For it is not I who is afraid, but they! I will never state that we are not cable of bringing any true heartfelt choice into our lives. I will only ever state that we are MAGIC!

A MUST WATCH “Are you ready?”


The Tier of Eternal Grace, THE SOULS CRY
Are you ready?
Are you set to delve within the destined truths of all they had never seen prior? Are you prepared to say goodbye… or was it really just another beautiful hello?
Shall thy pictures imperfections become their crowning truth?
~ The third and final piece to The Tier of Eternal Grace series ~


To celebrate the release of the third and final piece, we are giving away one of each from The Tier of Eternal Grace series.  (links attached to each book)

The Moon Clearing 
The Mirrors Shadow 
The Souls Cry 

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Set within the magical realm of Eterna Fadas and the realities of Earth, find yourself lost within the parallels of the royal fey Tatiana and her people of both worlds. A journey of adventure and allure ~ a journey of search for self-discovery. Tatiana strives to undo the chaos and destruction that has befallen her once-idyllic and blissful realm, a bedlam brought about by the vile delinquent Edan. Or so they thought. Faced with difficult choices, and circumstances none should ever want to sight, Tatiana realizes that she must risk her life in order to save her people, and travel to Earth in search for salvation. Though this be only the beginning.

Choice – Rejection – Fate – Cause. Who decides? Do you ever really know?

Was Tatiana’s most prominent conviction of love and no judgment to become their most terrifying undoing? Or was it only the beginning of something altogether new?

Part fantastic adventure, and part metaphysical discourse, The Tier of Eternal Grace is a multi-faceted narrative centered on the purity of one’s essence, of one’s divine soul. Find yourself enchanted. Find yourself craving for more. Be you no longer see the fae as once they were only known. Be it you shall only now see – their undeniable design of truth.

 Welcome to their world.


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Will the pictures imperfections become their crowning truth?


Who’s ready for the journey of a lifetime? A journey into a world of so much more. . .

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The full series is now available in Paperback and Hardcover in all grand distributors….. AMAZON 
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**The Moon Clearing and The Mirrors Shadow are also available as Ebook. The Souls Cry will be available as an EBook within the next two weeks**



Fight the encounter of restless perception09e9b98567e2a5d628270d573146c988

Never resign or admit ill suspicion

See through the fable of minds vicious heed

Stand strong in the feeling of full hearted feed

Listen in silence so the truth may be heard

Protect with love’s essence and honest of word


To be defeated is only a fable in which one may tell of oneself.
I will try and I will try again, though never shall I call it failure.                                                               I am simply one step closer to thy truth.

These be thy words from The Tier of Eternal Grace : The Mirrors Shadow

“In the somber of the shadows a glow shall be unearthed.” 



Tears are that which speak a song of a thousand words.



To cry is to allow oneself vulnerable. To feel the salted abyss stream from the corner of thy eye is to have sensed a deep emotion of hearted truth. To understand the fall is a letting go of hurts and or joys that should never be suppressed.

See thy tears as a celebration of your desires. For if you had not felt of such intensity, on either scope, then they would not have surfaced in the very first place.

Cry those tears and never hold back.

Love always, Tania Elizabeth xo


Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.34.02 PM

We are only now a few weeks away from the release of the third and final book to The Tier of Eternal Grace series, The Souls Cry.
OMG… what an unbelievable and epic finish to Tatiana’s story. Adventure, love, fear… expect every emotion to encumber your very being while reading these pages. PS. you may even want a tissue or two.

Be sure to get thy gorgeous hands on your copies before the grand finale` is here. And before LA place their mark. The Tier of Eternal Grace will be more than just books ;)

Paperback and Hardcover available in all good book stockists.

Two such being . . .
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