A desired expression

6a00e553f3e7d888340154329c61b5970cA gentle sweep of fingertips I dream

Slipping the velvet distance of my arm

A secret kiss of passionate perception

A burning hungered indiscretion

The sun sets while the cool night air bites

Twilights whispered song benumbs my toes

Darkened hours bring a silenced tear

Yearnings voyage an emptied sphere


Ambitions thrust in depths profound

Pulses rise in pleaded request

A thought my own shall only tell

Of fevers cast beneath a spell

Contemplation of existence97ab998a340316e05fd11b6c6a7680e5

Seeking a revered presence unknown

A desire, a touch, stirring all emotion

Lost in winds of dance and endless moan

Maybe a one day idea could be true

Maybe thy dissolution shall remain

The only truth I know in the now

Is a dream endured in hopeful vow


~ Tania Elizabeth x


We all fear something. Some fearing more than others. Does that mean we’re not fearless?


NO, I don’t believe that it does. I believe to be fearless, you must carry an element of fear. It’s overcoming that fear that makes you fearless. It’s not allowing that fear to hold you back that makes you fearless. Fearlessness is living your life and moving forward in spite of those fears.

3f83a6390969452f1a590da8b601bdb7To be fearless is to be so many things. To awake and start another day is fearless. To dream is fearless. To let yourself vulnerable to cry is fearless. To doubt oneself and then turn it around is fearless. To say that you’re sorry is fearless. To admit when you are wrong is fearless. To stand strong in the belief that you’re right when all others don’t necessarily feel the same way as you is fearless. To love is undeniably fearless.

Hell… I live in fear each and very day.

One example: If I told you that I hold deep anxiety issues, some wouldn’t believe me. Most would choose to believe that I come across as confident as any. Unfortunately for myself, I wish that were true. I carry no less fear than any other – if not more sometimes. My anxieties becoming so strong at times, that my mind chooses to shut down and I black out, followed through withtumblr_m9n4tcdgdh1reknp2o1_500 seizures at times. Some of my closest have paid witness to this, and I apologise to them for having had to sight this. But where my fearlessness lies, and to what I won’t let myself do, is let that fear be my absolute guiding force. I know what I want. I know what I need. I know what I deserve, and no-one nor anything, including myself, is going to stop me from believing, from dreaming, from living the life I know is mine.

Who you are is a testament to those fears that you have overcome, and that you continue to overcome. At the end of the day, we can choose to never feel, but are we ever really then living?

I am fearless… and so are you!


For 3 days only… then Hollywood here we come!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.19.59 PM


Peace will wage a war.

Imagine a realm as timeless as time itself. Beyond the mundane plains of earthly horizons, behold a world of endless enchantment and charmed mystique.
An unwavering belief will be tested. Will the ultimate sacrifice be their eternal redemption, or will the curse of acidic storm commit them to a vengeful grave.

Within a few short weeks, The Tier of Eternal Grace is headed to LA. Before it does, discover for yourself what has captured Hollywood’s attention.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.54.43 PM




Unlock the shackles and live!

images-2“My struggles are not my arrest, my mistakes are not my deadbolts, and my past is only my key. It’s up to me to make the choice. Do I use my past as my prison? Or do I unlock the bars and seize what I deserve – my life.”

I never did get into the new year resolutions thing. The 1st of January is faced no different to my 1st of March or my 1st of October. I wake up, I make a coffee, and then I find myself reflecting on why I am so bloody awesome ;) and what I plan on doing this day to make myself even more awesome.

Ha ha… well, maybe it doesn’t go quite that way; but I definitely know that I choose to live in a place of knowing I always did my best, regardless of what any other may believe. I will stand in a knowingness that I am where I am because of me. Granted, I’ve been blessed with some incredible people to stand alongside of me – people who support my every step. But not even they would be there if I hadn’t made the moves that I did.

All too often I see men and women winging and whining, declaring to the world that life sucks, that they wish it wasn’t so hard, that nobody cares, and that none of their desires imagesever come to pass.

Though, even those who smile all the time, very rarely whimper and always seem to be happy, healthy, successful people… guess what? They too have their dark and gloomy side. They too feel the pressure, they too feel like telling the rest of the world where to go sometimes. The difference is… they don’t dwell in it. Yes, they are happy most of the time. Yes, they look fit and healthy every other day. And yes, they probably are successful in their own right mind.  But I almost guarantee that they didn’t arrive there by just falling off the wagon and landing into that pile of gold by luck (Bless those few who do). For every one else, however, it takes a truck load of hard work, a consistent mentality that you are as good as you believe yourself to be, and the ability to know when enough is enough.

5f6f0ae4349fc395076db8c1cad11c76Stop the winging and whining! Trust me, it ain’t getting you anywhere but where you stand right now in this very second!

Stop declaring to the world that life sucks. You know what, maybe your life does suck, but do you know why? Because you keep reminding yourself that it does.

You wish it wan’t so hard! Join the queue. But sitting around doing nothing about it, isn’t going to make it any easier either.

Nobody cares? Well, in all honesty, we do feel for you… we do. But we can only carry the empathy for you for so long before you start to become just oh so irritable.

sad-quotes-photos-for-facebook-8-33de8976None of your desires ever come to pass? Are you not breathing? Did you not find yourself enjoying a bite to eat somewhere over the last few days? You’re obviously better off than many out there because you have the internet and are reading this.

Just because life isn’t exactly as you thought or dreamed it to be right in this moment, doesn’t mean that it can’t be in the future. However… so long as you stay locked up in those shackles of poor me, of fear, and of doubt… then you are right! Life sucks! But if you decide that maybe you deserve better than life sucks, then change your way of thinking, focus on that of which you do have, find something you know you can look forward to, and put in the hard work that it takes to make your desires and your dreams to come true.

It’s your choice!

Because you are alive everything is possibleSigning off with gratitude, Tania x


My Christmas Blessing

IMG_3688Magic in a bottle of giggles, the grandest gift we can share

Santa left some presents, and grateful we must declare

Though morning smiles held firm on faces, within the cuddles on my lap

The lights of love that filled my heart, and made me a bit of a sap

Uncle sings a karaoke beat, while the kids just cover their ears

IMG_3714The grandkids perform a gymnastic piece, that shall be remembered throughout the years

Grandma paints a few big baubles, then gets thrown in the kiddies blow-up pool

Time for roast and trimmings, refill the drink cooler this afternoon yule

Food devoured, and too much drink, but hey, it’s Christmas after all

IMG_3724Badminton on bellies full, then it’s time to kick the footy ball

A few more beers and glasses of wine, before eyes begin to dip

Though not before a game of monopoly, and some bloody cheeky lip

I turn and look about the room – IMG_3700thankful for family, and for my dear old friends

The spirit of Christmas held strong within, to where there be no end

The baby burps, and so does Pop, then Grandma sheds a tear.

It’s a Christmas day we’ll never forget, for we were together in love and cheer.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. May your own have been of just as much blessing xoxo

All my love, Tania Elizabeth x

Anything is possible…

Magic Book by Caspio www.gopixpic.com

Magic Book by Caspio http://www.gopixpic.com

To open a page and know you are about to take your next step into a place so unlike your own, and yet still finding similarities within a character or a message spoken, within a dream you once dreamt, or within the smile you envision he or she make. Where anything and everything is possible, where someone else’s world soon becomes your own… is that not the place to where we are all taken when turning the pages of a book. But remember, behind every story there lays another…

What a journey the prior thirty days have been. I was blessed with 30 very different stories to tell… each one with their trials and tribulations, each one with their own unique touch. magic_book30 Authors in 30 Days allowed me, not only to bring all a different perspective into each of these remarkable authors lives; but it also allowed myself to come to grow so much fonder for each talented and beautiful soul whom bring so much joy to others.

Some of these authors I had known for a period of time, and yet to see some of them find themselves vulnerable to the questions I asked, was truly breathtaking. I am in love ever so more with each.

My dear old credit card is taking a bashing too. If I didn’t already have a piece of their beautiful work, I so very much desired to read their pages of mystery and thrill, dark and or light, fantastical and of the poetic. Each story was gently woven through their minds, their fingers, their keys, and onto the pages I and so many have and will lose themselves within for an eternal more.

imagesBlessed was I, and blessed are we all. We are in an age to where our every dream may come true, to where each of us as individuals can make a difference, even if it is for just one turn of the page, one flutter of an eyelid, or one inspired gasp of breath.

I thank you to each divine author who stood beside me the past thirty days. I smiled, I laughed, I even found a tear or two. And thank you also to all those who read through their tales of vision and truth.

I LOVE YOU ALL, Tania Elizabeth xo


Hayley Merelle ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’

7With a passion for teaching, art, movies, and dance, it’s no wonder this incredible soul went on to write some remarkable books. Did I mention she is one of the most beautiful and quirky chicks I know!

Hayley Merelle was a nanny for five years, and has since been a teacher for ten. She has two gorgeous children of her own, and Hayley says that it’s safe to say she adores children’s books through and through. Her love of them so much so, that it only made sense to write her own. Hayley’s first, Robert Mumpkin Myer and the Wish Makers, will be released in 2015, though I am delightfully told that there are other charming books presently being written also. Well… besides her adult genre, to which are written under another pen name.

Ms Hayley Merelle began writing as a simple hobby – something to fill her days and lose herself within while studying psychology and education at university. A particular course called Abnormal Psychology gave her an intriguing idea for a novel. “The rest is history,” Hayley exclaims in smile.

So what would you say are your favourite and least favourite aspects of writing?

838-02490557er“Favourite: oh the list! How do I choose a favourite? I’d have to say when creativity pours forth from the ether and the characters seem to be whispering the story into your ear, and what they tell you is extremely interesting and clever. Least favourite? That one is easy. Making enough time to write without neglecting my beautiful and awesome children.” A feeling we mothers can understand wholeheartedly.

Hayley admires many a author; though three whom would hold to the top of her list would be the minds of Stephen King, JK Rowling, and Bryce Courtenay. “ I respect each for their abilities to capture someone’s entire life, set only in a fraction of time. For King’s hilarious, witty, and terrifying story-telling, JK’s ability to take you to another world and make you feel as if you belong there, and Courtenay’s ability (as an old man – RIP his soul now, though) to write from the perspective of a young female better than most young females ever could.”

As for her own writings. Hayley’s every desire is to create a story that entertains. Mind you, she tells me that this has become a wee bit of an addiction as of late. She will jump to her bed with two pillows propped up, her legs crossed, laptop ready to go, and a cup of coffee or cinnamon tea. “Even better if it’s raining,” she adds. Then she smirks, “Oh, and there’d be chocolate of course.” Then Hayley Merelle sets to writing a scrumptious piece for our young one’s to read, or maybe she’ll be weaving her next adult fiction.


Artist ©Verity Flute

But let’s return to those wonderful children’s books you are currently writing. What inspired this first one, Robert Mumpkin Myer and the Wish Makers?

“I was sketching one day and three characters took shape. They were a boy, a young woman, and an elderly man – all of whom had secret identities. As they came to life on the page, they started to tell me their story. I’m grateful to them for that. Writing about Robert Mumpkin Myer was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far as an author.”

So would you say that the characters always come first for yourself, Hayley?

“Actually, yes. Though I’m not entirely sure why.”

Do you mind telling me a little more about Robert Mumpkin Myer?

“Robert is one of the main characters, but a character by the name of Miss Henry plays a very prominent role also. The relationship between Robert and his parents is particularly important. They don’t start out in a very good place. Robert doesn’t know himself well enough to understand where they are coming from. He has to travel to a magical realm and defeat a mad king, who has usurped the throne with an army of savage wolves, first. The book is a rite of passage for him.”

shadow walkThrough the writing of her children’s books, Hayley has learnt to be playful, to be lighter, and to drop everything and just play with her children. Becoming a mother was after all her most defining life experience to ever have been had.

With a full heart, head, and belly, Hayley Merelle is who she is because of all her life has given her – even the heartaches. “If I hadn’t experienced heartache, how would I know such joy?” Hayley affirms.

PS. Hayley rules! I know because she told me so ;)

If you would like to connect with Hayley Merelle and her books, please follow the links below or above: