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Magic Book by Caspio

Magic Book by Caspio

To open a page and know you are about to take your next step into a place so unlike your own, and yet still finding similarities within a character or a message spoken, within a dream you once dreamt, or within the smile you envision he or she make. Where anything and everything is possible, where someone else’s world soon becomes your own… is that not the place to where we are all taken when turning the pages of a book. But remember, behind every story there lays another…

What a journey the prior thirty days have been. I was blessed with 30 very different stories to tell… each one with their trials and tribulations, each one with their own unique touch. magic_book30 Authors in 30 Days allowed me, not only to bring all a different perspective into each of these remarkable authors lives; but it also allowed myself to come to grow so much fonder for each talented and beautiful soul whom bring so much joy to others.

Some of these authors I had known for a period of time, and yet to see some of them find themselves vulnerable to the questions I asked, was truly breathtaking. I am in love ever so more with each.

My dear old credit card is taking a bashing too. If I didn’t already have a piece of their beautiful work, I so very much desired to read their pages of mystery and thrill, dark and or light, fantastical and of the poetic. Each story was gently woven through their minds, their fingers, their keys, and onto the pages I and so many have and will lose themselves within for an eternal more.

imagesBlessed was I, and blessed are we all. We are in an age to where our every dream may come true, to where each of us as individuals can make a difference, even if it is for just one turn of the page, one flutter of an eyelid, or one inspired gasp of breath.

I thank you to each divine author who stood beside me the past thirty days. I smiled, I laughed, I even found a tear or two. And thank you also to all those who read through their tales of vision and truth.

I LOVE YOU ALL, Tania Elizabeth xo

Hayley Merelle ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’

7With a passion for teaching, art, movies, and dance, it’s no wonder this incredible soul went on to write some remarkable books. Did I mention she is one of the most beautiful and quirky chicks I know!

Hayley Merelle was a nanny for five years, and has since been a teacher for ten. She has two gorgeous children of her own, and Hayley says that it’s safe to say she adores children’s books through and through. Her love of them so much so, that it only made sense to write her own. Hayley’s first, Robert Mumpkin Myer and the Wish Makers, will be released in 2015, though I am delightfully told that there are other charming books presently being written also. Well… besides her adult genre, to which are written under another pen name.

Ms Hayley Merelle began writing as a simple hobby – something to fill her days and lose herself within while studying psychology and education at university. A particular course called Abnormal Psychology gave her an intriguing idea for a novel. “The rest is history,” Hayley exclaims in smile.

So what would you say are your favourite and least favourite aspects of writing?

838-02490557er“Favourite: oh the list! How do I choose a favourite? I’d have to say when creativity pours forth from the ether and the characters seem to be whispering the story into your ear, and what they tell you is extremely interesting and clever. Least favourite? That one is easy. Making enough time to write without neglecting my beautiful and awesome children.” A feeling we mothers can understand wholeheartedly.

Hayley admires many a author; though three whom would hold to the top of her list would be the minds of Stephen King, JK Rowling, and Bryce Courtenay. “ I respect each for their abilities to capture someone’s entire life, set only in a fraction of time. For King’s hilarious, witty, and terrifying story-telling, JK’s ability to take you to another world and make you feel as if you belong there, and Courtenay’s ability (as an old man – RIP his soul now, though) to write from the perspective of a young female better than most young females ever could.”

As for her own writings. Hayley’s every desire is to create a story that entertains. Mind you, she tells me that this has become a wee bit of an addiction as of late. She will jump to her bed with two pillows propped up, her legs crossed, laptop ready to go, and a cup of coffee or cinnamon tea. “Even better if it’s raining,” she adds. Then she smirks, “Oh, and there’d be chocolate of course.” Then Hayley Merelle sets to writing a scrumptious piece for our young one’s to read, or maybe she’ll be weaving her next adult fiction.


Artist ©Verity Flute

But let’s return to those wonderful children’s books you are currently writing. What inspired this first one, Robert Mumpkin Myer and the Wish Makers?

“I was sketching one day and three characters took shape. They were a boy, a young woman, and an elderly man – all of whom had secret identities. As they came to life on the page, they started to tell me their story. I’m grateful to them for that. Writing about Robert Mumpkin Myer was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far as an author.”

So would you say that the characters always come first for yourself, Hayley?

“Actually, yes. Though I’m not entirely sure why.”

Do you mind telling me a little more about Robert Mumpkin Myer?

“Robert is one of the main characters, but a character by the name of Miss Henry plays a very prominent role also. The relationship between Robert and his parents is particularly important. They don’t start out in a very good place. Robert doesn’t know himself well enough to understand where they are coming from. He has to travel to a magical realm and defeat a mad king, who has usurped the throne with an army of savage wolves, first. The book is a rite of passage for him.”

shadow walkThrough the writing of her children’s books, Hayley has learnt to be playful, to be lighter, and to drop everything and just play with her children. Becoming a mother was after all her most defining life experience to ever have been had.

With a full heart, head, and belly, Hayley Merelle is who she is because of all her life has given her – even the heartaches. “If I hadn’t experienced heartache, how would I know such joy?” Hayley affirms.

PS. Hayley rules! I know because she told me so ;)

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Deborah Brooks Langford ‘Competitive, Hardworking, Dedicated’

516SohRagzL._UX250_Now here is a lady who has travelled the world, met some unbelievable people along the way, loves to put on her dance shoes and take to the floor, and basically enjoy life for all it’s worth. Though to where this beautiful lady feels most at home? Well, it would be when she’s writing, when she’s working, and simply making people happy. Deborah Brooks Langford says that beyond the spirit of God shining through the angelic faces of her children; her grandchildren are also where her true happiness lies.

Deborah is an agent, an author and a poet. Her journey into the world of writing began with the pleasing lyricism of poetry when she was teenager.

“I’d always had a strong desire for love poems. Four years ago, however, after I retired from working in the world, I found myself trying to remember things that happened to me when I was young. I struggled recalling facets and so I started writing again. It started out as a project, a diary if you will… and then it turned into a book. My first novel is called Brooke.” She then chuffs, “Mind you, Brooke is not all fact; but I will never tell you which parts are true and which parts are not.”

This lovely lady loves the classics, such as Jane Eyre, The Bronte Sisters and Wuthering Heights, and oh does she love awaking from a dream in inspired stir. She will then run to bryant_park_in_new_york_city-wallpaperher laptop, seat herself into her big comfy chair under the reading light, and type away at everything she just saw behind closed eyes. Though when she is in these moments, be sure not to interrupt. She really doesn’t like her train of thought disturbed.

Now understandably you have published quite a few books, though may I ask what of your life, or not of your life *cheeky grin* would you say inspired your first novel?

51dOGVQQOtL._UY250_Brooke, and the following, Brooke and Nick are a continuation of a love that is lost and about the lifetime of trying to find that love again.”

And how do the characters take shape and evolve in your mind?

“Most of them are of real life. I am not like Steven King in that I can look out the back yard and create a character. I wish I could.”

Can you then describe the main character for us?

“Brooke starts out young, falls in love in high school and gets pregnant. Her parents cannot stand the young man, Nick, that she is with, and they whisk her away to another state to have her baby. She is told Nick does not want her or her unborn. So she loses the man she loves and ends up giving her baby away because she has no way of taking care of it. She does, however, first name her child, Michael Harris. Left in regret, she then goes in search for both Nick and for her baby. She travels the world while dancing professionally; but never is she really happy. I am going to stop there. I don’t want to give the ending away.” Deborah chuckles.

Can I ask? Does one of the characters resemble you then?

“Yes. Brooke does.”

So did you have a main goal when creating this story?

Ms Langford smirks, “I don’t know, I don’t think I had any goals. I just write… and I hope it makes sense.”

And will there be a sequel to this heart-wrenching story?

Brooke and Nick is the sequel to Brooke, and I am working on Forever Brooke. It is based about Brooke as a little girl, and the sexual abuse she had to go through.”

Debbie02As human beings we all make mistakes, and hopefully we all learn from them. Here is one such woman who has been dealt a life she may never have dreamed of at times, but she has most definitely learnt many a lesson. Deborah Brooks Langford is proud of the person she has become, and looks forward to her future with her head held high and poetic stars alight in her eyes.




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Carlyle Labuschagne ‘Fun, Passionate and High on Life’

closeup4“Differences make us precious, and don’t ever give up who you are. Stay strong even when you think all hope is gone, because the bad times are what make the good ones so much more meaningful. Remember, you are never alone, fear will be crippling, but love is what gives you wings.”

Within every page scripted, Carlyle Labuschagne has an underlying message.

I was blessed to have met Carlyle on one divine trip that I made for a book launch in South Africa, and trust me when I say that she is without a doubt, one of the most genuine, giving and beautiful souls any could meet.

IMG_7969aCarlyle believes that her journey as a writer began the day she was born. “Yeah, being a writer, I feel you are born to it. It’s always in you, in everyone I guess. But as to when I actually started writing… I was 12 years old on a safari holiday with my parents. There was something about the bushveld life that ignited my imaginations and I had to share my point of view. Writing was my way to express what I felt. I went from poetry to song writing as a teenager, and then to story writing.”

Miss Labuschagne loves every part of the writing process. But she does tell me that if she had to pick one thing she disliked, then it would have to be that it takes so long. Carlyle has always used her stories as a healing tool, and loves that she can then share this with those who feel the same. Though beyond the healing, this beautiful author knows that to write a good story, you simply need to write what you would want to read. If you want action, drama, passion, more drama, adventure, more drama… then write it. Let your words flow.

“When an idea or story catches me, it flows then so effortless into a tale. The characters are suddenly there, and as I write they almost appear from that hidden place in my brain. They say things and do things, and sometimes more than often you have to think about what motivates them, and that gives more life to what he or she would say or do if I threw this crazy plot twist at them. Oh gosh, I swear that totally sounds insane, but it’s how it works for me!”

I asked Carlyle if there were anything in particular that caught her attention as a reader? She answered in smile, “Everything, That’s like asking a painter what about life catches your attention. The colors of life, smells, reactions of people, love stories, passion and the experience of just being alive.”

Now be it that Carlyle has quite a few books now under her own wings, but her most recent release would be Dead of Night, a sci-fi love story.


The main heroine, Opel, is fearless. She was designed that way, but once she loses her memories and gets rescued by a handsome stranger, she starts to really feel the human side of her kick in. It almost strips her of her violent nature and in a way this makes her stronger. The one thing she holds onto is the way Aecker makes her feel, and all she wants is for him to feel the same – free.

Now Aecker has been a kick ass his entire life. He was born into leadership but he also got the human flaws from his mom. He loves, he heals, and he has faith in something that people no longer believe in. His mom was killed for her human flaws, and Aecker has always believed it was wrong, no matter how the world was now. When he meets Opel, a girl that should be his enemy, she ignites those feelings he has so long felt, but could never exercise. Choosing to show love in another has shunned him from his own people and from the government he rebels against. But Aecker is willing to die for love because he knows his and Opel’s story, no matter how tragic, will show the world that they can believe in love once more. “And in love – there is freedom” Carlyle exclaims.

So what plans has Ms Carlyle Labuschagne up her sleeve for the future?

books“Where do I start? There are so many. I’ve started writing companion short novellas to accompany my Broken Novels. Absolution releases December, the second Dark Horse releases in March 2015. Dead of Night needs a sequel, and I have started a New Adult novella three part series on romantic crime, and my NaNoWriMo project took off. I will be querying agents in March. It’s an adult dark crime thriller!”

Most days Ms Labuschagne is happy to go with the flow. “I’m lucky to be in a position where I work from home and only have to see the office twice a week. The only constant in my life is the kids, homework, school and feeding them. Other than that I work on my books, marketing, my book festival and life.”

There are many defining moments in this remarkable woman’s life. She believes that we have many over time, but what generally gives Carlyle’s existence a good kick is feeling hurt or vulnerable.

With her ups and downs, her silly side, and the serious, and never really knowing what tomorrow will bring, Carlyle Labuschagne loves her life; but if she were to be in an ideal world, then none would ever go hungry or be scared.

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Patti Roberts ‘Committed, Hardworking, Supportive’

41KiHB6o4jL._UX250_With a broken heart to mend, Patti Roberts decided to go buy a laptop. She began pouring her heart out on paper, so to speak; though not in a romantic, love-struck kind of way. She did so in her writing of the Paradox Series – a story of angels, of power and greed. Patti Roberts has never looked back since.

A good writer is one whom can paint a picture in your mind with their words. Well-written characters are always essential. You want to fall into a place where you feel like you know them; where their lives really matter, or maybe the other… you want to kill the demon in question. When Patti picks up a book, she hopes to be drawn in just this way, and she most definitely would like to believe that this is exactly what happens when one picks up one of her own page-turners.


Ms Patti Roberts is an author to many wonderful reads: When Darkness Falls, the Paradox Series, the Witchwood Estate Series, just to name a few. Though her most recent masterpiece is About Three Authors.

10805610_10152608739892982_2269672023244496651_nAbout Three Authors is a drama/romance. It was inspired by friendships forged on facebook with her ‘book family’ as she lovingly calls them. “Facebook isn’t just a place to market books for an author. It is also a meeting place where likeminded people converge, and become friends,” Patti said.

The underlying message in About Three Authors being love. Love can be messy, confusing, painful, destructive, and addictive… but then, whoever said love was easy?

So besides finding inspiration on facebook, how do characters take shape and evolve in your mind?

“By jumping up and down and shouting until I listen – especially when I am in the shower. It’s easier not to fight it, just to listen to what they have to say. Their opinions have never let me down. Listen to your characters, get inside their heads, and you will never suffer writers block. Let them lead the way.”

Now there’s a piece of great advice. Have you any other projects up your sleeve, Ms Patti?

“There is always something up my sleeve,” she smirks. “2015 will see book 5 in both the Paradox series and the Witchwood series being released… and there are lots of new covers to be designed. Another big year ahead.”

banner covers facebook blog may 2014

Your cover designs… now see that is Patti Roberts other passion. “I love designing book covers for myself, yes; but I love doing it for so many other marvelous authors also.” Patti says that supporting her fellow indie authors through sharing their work and creating them unforgettable book covers is a marvelous addiction – that and chocolate,” she chuckles. It would be one of the things Patti would love to be remembered for.

So what would you say then was quite possibly the most defining moment in your life, Patti?

“Being born is right up there! Not that I had much to say about that at the time.” Patti smiles.

Ms Patti Roberts feels undeniably grateful for all her life holds: her friends, her family, her work, which doesn’t always feel like work because she has so much desire and drive bound about it, and the simple things, like watching a great TV series or movie – with chocolate of course.

imagesPatti, could you do me one last thing? Could you finish this sentence for me? I love me because…

“I love me because… I’m a friggin cool person.”

Great answer Patti. Well said. :)




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Melissa Craig ‘Dreamy, Affectionate, Imaginative’

A2pjUB__m1nr4MsOOTuVBqocZO4nJmvv3b4fW-_JYWoOh my goodness, do I love this girl. Here is an author whom not only comes from my hometown, but she also has a way of seducing you with those words, those looks, that quirky, bubbly charisma. If you’ve yet to meet her, then you’re in for a ride!

“Give me a chef, a maid, a butler, and can I live on an island so that I can write and relax all day?” Melissa says of having her ideal world.

Hmm… let’s work on that shall we. I may even have to pack my bags and come too.

This divine soul by the name of Melissa Craig never set out to become a published author, and was more than happy just being the reader; but while driving in her car one fine Far North Queensland day, a man by the name of Juan made an appearance. He kept playing in her mind, and supposedly this went on for weeks. She had no idea who this Juan was, and it wasn’t like any of the books she’d read had such a character. Melissa thought she was going mad. But apparently she had a story that needed to be written… and thus her journey of being a writer began.

Melissa Craig is an Erotica Author, and a remarkable one at that.

“Writing about men’s hard bodies is a hard job, but someone has to do it. My heart is always pumping at double speed. Blood rushes to every nerve in my body. I’m parched constantly, making me swallow hard and lick my lips. I feel little trickles of sweat in places I didn’t know possible. See writing erotica is like doing a cardio work out.”

I can only presume that Melissa’s writing would work up quite an appetite. Thankfully, besides writing, Melissa is also very passionate about food and cooking. “I love to have my senses tweaked” Melissa exclaims. For the most part I do believe this gorgeous being most definitely does.

Can you believe that before writing one herself, Melissa had never actually read an erotica.

okjkH6yqtMjrxbvyoAClsfzaMvVkxTz4ZkvGCFSCNwo“I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. I always read romance, but I suppose at that stage I always wanted to read more into the sex scenes… so I did. Well, up until I wrote The Unblemished Librarian. With this book I wanted to stretch my boundaries, tone down the sex scenes and write a romance. I wanted to see if I could. It was a lot of hard work toning it down, but I am very happy with my first contemporary romance book.”

The Unblemished Librarian… can you tell us a little bit about it, and or the characters involved?

“Kiera is a good girl with naughty thoughts. She is the type of girl that cares about everyone else before herself. She’s had a hard life and lots of ups and downs, working two jobs to support her dad. The you have Boyd. Boyd is the bad boy barman. He’s gorgeous and knows how to work it with the females.” Melissa giggles. “He has the beautiful car, the luxury apartment, works casually at a strip club. He was happy the way his life was until he bumped into Kiera at the local library. She allows him to be himself and not what everyone expects of him.”

imagesMelissa has the belief that anyone who knows her would see herself, to some degree, in all of her characters. “If I see something I like in a person, I do put that into a character. Though it’s not just one person, it’s the best of everyone I know. It might be someone’s hair or the way they widen their eyes so their eyelashes don’t catch.”

On any given day, you will find Melissa seated in her lounge room, writing her next heart-pounding piece. “I don’t know why, but I find I write more productive in a comfy chair looking out at Green Island.” Melissa utters. This sounds excruciating, my darling. ;)

Unknown-1Melissa’s inspiration is sparked by many a things, though she admits that her surroundings play a huge role. “I was spending a lot of time in Sydney last year and it motivated me to write The Unblemished Librarian.”

I asked Melissa what her favourite and least favourite aspect of writing was?

“I love it when a story comes on so strong that you write for hours on end, getting lost in the world. My least favorite part would be the editing stage. You know… when I keep double guessing my work. I call this the ‘it sucks’ stage.”

And then when I asked Melissa what came first… the plot, or the characters? She couldn’t help but fall into a puddle of chuckles. “Plot? What’s that? I never plot. Characters always come first and I never know what is going to happen until I write it.” Ahh… now see that I can very much relate to.

1454639_510780512363159_1322481805_nIn all honesty, I could sit here and talk to this gorgeous lady all day, but it’s almost time to wrap it up. So before we do. Melissa Craig… do you have any other projects up your sleeve for us?

“Absolutely. Though I am heading back into my erotica at this stage and continuing on with the Simply Breathtaking series. I am writing Majestic Males at the moment.”

As you can see, Melissa Craig is one hell of a woman that you can’t help but love, and one remarkable author that you shall only want to get your hands on – her books that is ;)

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Mary Lou Munroe Rey ‘Entertaining, Trusting, Faithful’


“If anything comes from this and my book Let Your True Self Light Up the World… unless I change it, or am advised to change it,” she grins. “Then I will have placed my small contribution towards those who may have needed it to help reignite that eternal flame within. That maybe through my words, someone will find their inner peace and faith. Life is always on its way to somewhere – somewhere beautiful and magic, if we just hang on to our beliefs.”

10434174_829265923752349_6310441848815085012_nThe divine and soulful woman who speaks such words of truth is Ms Mary Lou Munroe Rey. Mary Lou is finally on the path to becoming a published author – a path in which she has desired for many years now. Mary Lou expresses to myself that writing this book was a calling.

“I also had a clairvoyant and well known numerologist tell me that I would. At the time I thought really? But then when I started bringing information through, from readings I did for clients, I knew I had to write a book with a deep and profound message for the world.” Mary Lou said

The first profound piece of writing that Mary Lou aka Wabun ‘Seliry Starphire’ Rey recalls writing and actually keeping was in 1988. Though this beautiful soul has always loved to write. She was also an entertainer for many a year and loves a good social interaction. “”I’m pretty good at talking,” she giggles. “It seems to be an extension of this skill.”

As each of us writers do, Mary Lou too admires and loves an abundance of authors. One such female author in whom she has a high regard for, as she has bought several of her bo3oks, is Iyanla Vanzant – an inspirational speaker, lawyer, spiritual teacher, life coach, author and television personality.

“I could relate to her life which she spoke of very personably, with great courage, love and integrity. It wafted through the pages, as I learnt all about her difficult life. She really moved me, and a lot of what I had counselled in people was similar to what she had written. I loved her raw honesty and her desire to bring changes.” Mary Lou stated.

So what are you hoping to achieve through your own writing, Mary Lou?

“My writing of this book is one of my soul purposes – to help assist in the greater awareness for the awakening of humankind.”

418659_4097018108758_413518107_nMary Lou wants all to understand that whatever we do, it carries a great ripple affect to which all those in or on its path will feel. She says change is inevitable and for every action there is a reaction. She believes it is most important that we consciously and subconsciously pay attention to how we interact and interconnect in this existence.

So how do you find that place in which brings you the inspiration you require to write?

“It’s simple. I write from heart. Then I grab my pen and paper, which I carry with me always. I eventually then piece it all together collectively, onto a keyboard into something such as a passage, or poem or book, and hopefully it becomes an arousing piece with sprinkles of magic just for good measure. Something to stir the soul or it’s recipient.”

Mary Lou’s main intention when she writes is to be truthful; to be as honest and accurate as she possibly can be, and to have her words flow so eloquently. She also writes in a form that follows its purpose, desiring the readers to find their way through life with ease.

Can you elaborate a little more for us, Mary Lou? Understandably this is a story of inspirational truths that you say was a calling; but beyond that, what inspired you to write these moving pages?

“The Creator and Mother Earth. I have been aware of energetic changes happening since I was a very young girl, but more so, since the Harmonic Convergence when all the planets aligned in the late 80’s. It is a significant time in our own evolution as a species. We are ascending and expanding in consciousness. I have brought through the wisdom and knowledge that they and I as a collective wish to bring forth in these written works; all with loving intention and with hope and encouragement that is so very much needed at this present time.”

1908378_839661629379445_2388316065029013512_nWith her son by her side, and the fact that she has survived a great health challenge in her life, Mary Lou Munroe Rey feels eternally grateful. But if Mary Lou were allowed to dream – if she were to be living in her idea of an ideal world, than we as a people would unite in Oneness, as a Family of Humanity. She then adds that this would also include the sacred Animal Kingdom, as they teach us love, acceptance and balance.

“In my ideal world we would deliver solutions to work together to feed and sustain this beautiful planet, be that for our Great Mother and our survival, alongside bringing harmonious peace into each individual heart. Balance would be restored out of respect, love and kindness, and I know that this day will come. It is on the precipice of change. We are reaching the peak of this shift and the understanding of its significance. For our children and all species to continue to proliferate here on Earth, I must believe and hold in faith that all will soon be felt.”

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