There’s a saying, “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sail.”

sailboat-against-a-beautiful-sunsetI was speaking with a friend yesterday about adapting and being willing to adjust your own sails in order to rise one’s self to another level.
We see it time and time again… people fastened in their ways, almost stranded, because they have an idea of how it will work – they have a concrete plan. The problem with concrete is that once it’s set, it’s hard to break. We need to be willing to understand that adapting is all part of the development. The alterations may feel out of your comfort zone, and sometimes they may even feel more like a failure; but the beauty to be found in that, is that your not still cemented or caught in the wind taking you nowhere. You have moved forward. You’re no longer held in suspension.
Just remind yourself, that with every right or wrong bend in the sails – with courage, hard-work and tenacity in the rudder, you will get to your desired destination, and you will have learnt a hell of a lot about yourself on the way.
I pray all are having an undeniably magical week.
All my love, Tania xo

Forbidden Hunger

tumblr_lydt5y29P31qdmq2xo1_500Thy night falls, thy day ends; yet thy every desire stirs,

Thy want for the warmth of his faltering breath – may thee’s wish concur?

The gentle brush of his fingertips across my shoulders two;

Down my spine, I long his lips, his every hunger true.

His lips connect, the arc of thy neck, they open, breathe me in,

His every kiss a transfer, a heavy need to begin.

From a to b, he graciously falls, down upon my chest;

Finding one such plea, within a gentle rest.

I clasp beneath, I pull him back, I grasp he from behind;

My own lips find his heart of throat; his every breath confined.

Upon his mouth, I part thee lips – a yearning I dare let go,

I motion down his pleasant frame, each movement held in slow.


Uniting with his firming crown; thy taste as thee do beg.

Piece by piece, first he, then I, his tongue, my inner leg.

I gush, I flow, I crave him more, I draw him deep within;

Immersed within thy fevered dew, I’m lost beneath the sin.

I give thee lead, bring all you can; for unbreakable is thee.

tumblr_mlrr205LAz1qkzl7oo1_r1_500Find depth, find mark, find that very place; allow thy climax be.

Not once, not twice, not three times; a night from dusk to dawn;

Thy every request fulfilled, complete; till thy next desire is born.

“You are thy forbidden hunger.”

Copyright © Tania Elizabeth

Dream no more.

619330-bigthumbnailTo that which danced in the breath of thy shadow;

Awaiting a dream’s touch, never considered true.

A thought, an idea, a perception held locked,

In fear that thy truth would fracture – fall through.

An approximation of something misunderstood?

380290__broken-dreams_pOr a difference my mind simply tried to let go?

But I knew what I wanted, and what I wanted held strong.

I longed for thy dream’s first knowing hello.

Unbeknownst thy illusion then stepped ever so near,

Eyes-open-WideAnd yet still I questioned, and yet still I found fault.

I must overcome thy battle bled – stay strong.

“Begone,” I proclaim, thy mind’s unsought assault.

And in doing so… my dream is no longer a dream!

©Tania Elizabeth

True tears of a ten year old.

img_0488bwShe smiled, she laughed, she clenched her fists and jaw in anger and then anticipation; but never did I imagine just how profoundly connected she would become, as tears rolled down her cheeks like a storm in heavy fall. Sobs escaped her in deep ache as she tried to catch her breath every second line. They were sobs that would break any heart, and they were bringing that burning sensation to even my throat as I held back my own mist of emotion.

The poetic speech and manner of text was never designed for that of a ten year old, and yet I watched as my daughter devoured page after page of my fantasy series, The Tier of Eternal Grace.

BOOK CATEGORY PICYes, I have read reviews, emails and messages about how the books touched another’s mind and spirit (the youngest I had knowledge of being 15). But to have witnessed my ten year old daughter become so encapsulated with the lives of those who are more than just characters to I, was magical to say the least.

She would relay scenes to me, as though I’d never heard them before. She’d come running down the hall to my room in anger and frustration asking why and how? She would explain a conversation she’d read while we ate dinner, which she still seem to find humour within. Giggles at the dinner table isn’t always the most charming😉 Oh, and when I’d ask her to put the book down while in the middle of a chapter… heaven forbid, I swear I’d just taken a lollypop from a toddler.

Though the moment to which I never saw coming, was within the final pages of book three, The Souls Cry. We were driving to a friend’s place, and as always, my beautiful little girl was to be found with her head in the book. It began as a few gentle tears, though very quickly she became inconsolable… and the more she read, the heavier her tears shed, the louder her sobs became. I knew just which scene she was reading, and the mere thought of it, alongside seeing my baby girl in such ache, had me clenching to every ounce of strength I had, just so I didn’t lose myself.

When we arrived at my friend’s place, she had still not quite finished, and begged that I leave her be. Twenty minutes later she appeared inside, her eyes bloodshot red, while the sadness filling them was heart- wrenching.

My friend and I could not get over just how much she’d been affected. She had become so immersed, that when I asked her about it later that day, her first response was, “Mum, they were like my family. I didn’t want to say goodbye.” There were a few other words stated, but for those who have yet to read the series, I won’t ruin the ending. Though my daughter did then follow her speech with, “Hurry up and finish writing Tier of Nexus!”

IMG_7246Well… it seems I must finish the next book now, huh? I’m being pestered every other bloomin’ day. Thankfully, I threw another series at her. She has begun reading Cameo Renae’s ‘The Hidden Wings,’ finding herself lost in Cameo’s world now.

I have seen my children read book after book. In fact, that is how you will find all three of them right now… with their minds lost, and yet found. Though as their mother, I had never seen any one of them become so emotionally attached as my daughter did. It was one of the most beautiful images to which I am undeniably flattered, for it was the world of my fae to which brought such breathlessness.

“To read is to know yourself on a level you never imagined before.”

My love to all – faerie kisses to the rest😉❤ xo

A desired expression

6a00e553f3e7d888340154329c61b5970cA gentle sweep of fingertips I dream

Slipping the velvet distance of my arm

A secret kiss of passionate perception

A burning hungered indiscretion

The sun sets while the cool night air bites

Twilights whispered song benumbs my toes

Darkened hours bring a silenced tear

Yearnings voyage an emptied sphere


Ambitions thrust in depths profound

Pulses rise in pleaded request

A thought my own shall only tell

Of fevers cast beneath a spell

Contemplation of existence97ab998a340316e05fd11b6c6a7680e5

Seeking a revered presence unknown

A desire, a touch, stirring all emotion

Lost in winds of dance and endless moan

Maybe a one day idea could be true

Maybe thy dissolution shall remain

The only truth I know in the now

Is a dream endured in hopeful vow


~ Tania Elizabeth x


We all fear something. Some fearing more than others. Does that mean we’re not fearless?


NO, I don’t believe that it does. I believe to be fearless, you must carry an element of fear. It’s overcoming that fear that makes you fearless. It’s not allowing that fear to hold you back that makes you fearless. Fearlessness is living your life and moving forward in spite of those fears.

3f83a6390969452f1a590da8b601bdb7To be fearless is to be so many things. To awake and start another day is fearless. To dream is fearless. To let yourself vulnerable to cry is fearless. To doubt oneself and then turn it around is fearless. To say that you’re sorry is fearless. To admit when you are wrong is fearless. To stand strong in the belief that you’re right when all others don’t necessarily feel the same way as you is fearless. To love is undeniably fearless.

Hell… I live in fear each and very day.

One example: If I told you that I hold deep anxiety issues, some wouldn’t believe me. Most would choose to believe that I come across as confident as any. Unfortunately for myself, I wish that were true. I carry no less fear than any other – if not more sometimes. My anxieties becoming so strong at times, that my mind chooses to shut down and I black out, followed through withtumblr_m9n4tcdgdh1reknp2o1_500 seizures at times. Some of my closest have paid witness to this, and I apologise to them for having had to sight this. But where my fearlessness lies, and to what I won’t let myself do, is let that fear be my absolute guiding force. I know what I want. I know what I need. I know what I deserve, and no-one nor anything, including myself, is going to stop me from believing, from dreaming, from living the life I know is mine.

Who you are is a testament to those fears that you have overcome, and that you continue to overcome. At the end of the day, we can choose to never feel, but are we ever really then living?

I am fearless… and so are you!


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Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.19.59 PM


Peace will wage a war.

Imagine a realm as timeless as time itself. Beyond the mundane plains of earthly horizons, behold a world of endless enchantment and charmed mystique.
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