TRUTHS from ‘The Tier of Eternal Grace’ #3



Apace with Tatiana, all faeries are delightful, admirable, and pure natural characters. However, just like humans, emotions can get the better of them at times. This is nevertheless incredibly undesired as their preference is to breathe through the adverse feelings as quickly as conceivable.

A faeries’ aura often acting as a sponge, soaking up all outside influences, and if one allows, their own personal constitutions and individual perceptions can be governed by another very easily. It is then in these moments that they must acknowledge and release all negative energies as swiftly as they had appeared in order for them not to swell and consume their assured essence. For the majority of faerie choose to remain admirable, wholesome creations . . . even in the times that they do find themselves being affected by unwelcomed emotions. Their everyday lives consisting of blessings in abundance. A profusion of love, friendships, games, and bountiful styles of artistic creativity, all free of judgment.

(to be continued)

Love, Blessings and Faerie Kisses, Tania Elizabeth xo

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