TRUTHS from ‘The Tier of Eternal Grace’ #6

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.22.47 PM

Truth also maintains in that faeries are eternal beings and that they have existed for as far back as anyone could imagine. It is for this reason alone that although Tatiana’s memories are extensive, she has no recollection of being a child or anything other than the faerie she is today.

As to where they reside, their home is called Eterna Fadas, being the faerie realm. Harmonious and tranquil, Eterna Fadas is an ethereal queendom. Hypnotic upon sight, the land is bright and brilliant by day, dark and dazzling by night. The skies an entrancing pearl glow, streamlined of green hues and vivid royal violet. The land flooding of wooded valleys, glistening streams, and cascading waterfalls. Clusters of the most vibrant wildflowers bloom in abundance.

Scattered deep within the woods and valleys all about Eterna Fadas are countless quaint villages. Their opulent chateaus made of timber, stone and earth often nestled among the trees, inside the trees, and within the mountains faces.

Love, Blessings and Faerie Kisses, Tania Elizabeth xo

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