TRUTHS from ‘The Tier of Eternal Grace’ #7


As people of peace, love, and compassion, friends were plentiful. It is a belief among most faeries, that with faith in hand, they are so truly content and love one’s self within that the need for a single enduring companion is not imperative. They appreciate their solidarity upon rest and therefore choose to reside in chateaus on their own.

Nonetheless, that is not to say that they don’t fancy sexual relations from time to time. For intimacy is perceived as a way of expressing love for one another. In fact, this was a frequent occurrence for all faerie though it was always discreet and expectations were never placed upon the affair. For most, they simply chose not to be bound to one single faerie for all eternity. Maintaining love and respect for every divine soul.

There are the few faeries, however, who choose otherwise and do find a deeper form of comfort and connection within another’s company. Though few and far between, these faeries can be found dwelling with their perfect soul partner, never to desire another. 

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