TRUTHS from ‘The Tier of Eternal Grace’ #8

8ea1063ef249895b045c6c2d07a92fdbTatiana was of the many who lived on her own. Her home located in a delightful village called Feather Vale. Feather Vale was a community of peaceful innocence and smiling countryside. All who lived there were extremely close with their loving queen. Tatiana’s own chateau was a grand fortified structure. It was romantic and artistic in style, with such imperial extravagance and comfort. Vines encircled the large wooded pillars that stood throughout. Clusters of daisies and golden samphires grew along railings. Orchids, lilies, and emerald isles stood and grew in almost every room—the focal point of many bouquets being the elegant Blue Rose. Some would call it a castle, whilst Tatiana preferred to refer to it no different to any other.

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