TRUTHS from ‘The Tier of Eternal Grace’ #11


If a faerie wishes to venture into the earthly realm, they must first visualize their destination of desire prior to entry, followed by an incantation. Once stepping out onto the earthly forests floors, it is very rare that they roam any farther than the forest’s edge. Instead, they choose to frolic within the trees and vegetation hoping not to be seen by any unexpected visitors of the human kind.

Choosing to cross on to earth does come with a disadvantage for the faeries, for their energy placement seemingly becomes muddled and weakened as their energies mix with the energetic fields that accompany earth. In turn, this means that they no longer retain full magic capabilities and are left with only one elemental power. The power each faerie secures is determined upon what they are most connected to in the faerie realm—be it earth, fire, air, or water. The power to heal, however, is accessible upon earth when aided by a sprinkling of Estralas Encantado.

Upon returning to Eterna Fadas, all of a faeries’ powers are then restored to their original strength.

There are only two places in which an aperture can be found in Eterna Fadas. Feather Vale is one, and it is located to the north of Tatiana’s home. It lay in a rock face beside the stream flow of Tranquillo Falls. This particular aperture is seen as a blurred doorway to any who go near. The second is at a great distance to the West, deep within the Angels Woods.

Very few know of its existence.

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