My writing style . . . and me. And the faeries who walk beside.

I thank all comments, both good and bad. It is with the not so light and cheerful comments that we as authors can grow. I write this to clear a constructive comment I have heard more than once. It lays not in the generalised grammar, but within the way my writing is structured. Yes, it is not of the norm. It is not of the day to day perfected spell checked grammar that we all come to acknowledge as rightful speech.

Some may state it wrong. And that’s ok. Some may feel that it is too hard to follow. And f7aa7ccb1419757805bbaf5fe8557705that’s ok too. Others have spoken of the poetic influence found in the arrangement of words within my sentences. Very true. It brings a smile to my heart when I hear that my writing style is like a magic all its own. I have also heard that my written speech is quite possibly not of this world. Ah . . . there is truth to be found in this particular remark.

My writing style is different. It is definitely not for everyone. I understand that. And I won’t lie, there were times after reading a constructive comment regarding my writing that I would stop momentarily and question as to whether I had to change it to suit. However, my soul will not allow. It doesn’t feel right.

My style of writing is very much influenced by my poetic nature, though it is also very much influenced by the characters who are within the pages. The faerie.

magical-worldAll have come to understand that I, myself am a little quirky and insane at times, always trying to find the beauty in any situation. I talk to spirit when they choose to be heard. I talk to trees, and they talk back. I talk to the faerie who come to me, not only in my dreams and meditations, but also to my front door. The little people, as they are also known, are just as real as both you and I. Their own speech is incredibly poetic. They often speak in rhyme, and they definitely have you sit and think at times as you try to unravel the words they just spoke.

Personally, I am a great lover of poetry. This began when I picked up my first shakespeare book in my primary years. I remember some of the other kids finding it difficult to follow, nonsense, possibly even boring. Now, me on the other hand, I automatically fell in love with the lines of poetic justice. The way the words wound about each other. It was an enchanting song for my eyes and my heart.

Thank-you-post-itSo to all who see and feel the words as I myself had always intended, I thank you. And to those who do not, I thank you to you also. For either way, I shall forever hold true to the words that I write, and am grateful to each review, both good and the not so good😉

For any author, the greatest gift is found in a review.

Love and Blessings to all, Tania Elizabeth xo

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