A beautifully entertaining and thought-provoking story filled with the beauty and intoxication of breathless fantasy.

Could an author ask for a more divine review . . . the review speaks for itself. Thank you Amber McCallister, from the bottom of my heart.
The Tier of Eternal Grace is a beautifully entertaining and thought-provoking story filled with the beauty and intoxication of breathless fantasy. As instructive as it is thrilling, this is one journey that will leave you peeling back all of the layers that are meticulously interwoven long after you have devoured it. This is a very unique and fascinating tale filled with twists and turns too numerous to count that is guaranteed to keep even the most discriminating reader thoroughly entertained.

Tatiana is the queen of the faeries who enjoys her life as it is. She loves the predictability, the peace, and the familiarity of it all. What she is not ready for is how it is all about to change. Since change is the only constant in the Universe, even she is not impervious to it, but through it all, she will come to learn that not all change is bad. In fact, change can sometimes lead to something incredible that we would never have typically allowed ourselves to imagine or contemplate.

The entire world of Tatiana’s faerie realm was exhilarating. The way that Tania Elizabeth breathed it into existence was astonishing. Her colorful and artistic descriptions leapt off the page and into my mind. I could see, hear, and feel everything that happened in this majestic land. It was stunning and breath-taking to say the least. Each new place that was introduced was more exquisite then the last. This world is one that could only ever live in our dreams.

The characters were just as exceptional and brilliant as the land they lived in. The depth and beauty of their diverse personalities were amazing and dazzling. I fell in love with each of them as they pulled me further and further into their lives. I enjoyed watching them grow and change throughout their adventures as they became more and more of who they were supposed to be. While painful at times to watch, the change that they each undertook transformed them into something even more beautiful than before. It was like watching a caterpillar crawl into its cocoon and then fight for all of its worth to then emerge as the magnificent butterfly that it was always destined to become.

If you listen carefully, you will hear the whispers of truth throughout the pages of this series. Your heart will pick up on that which is most important and should forever remain with you. Above all, love should govern your every thought and action. Only then can we truly bring about change to ourselves and those around us. People recognize honesty and sincerity when it is offered, and they will then understand that you are a person who truly cares about them and will return it in kind.

While I enjoyed the story immensely, I was a little uncomfortable with the essence of casual relations that happened between a few of the characters from time to time. My heart cannot fathom partaking in that action in any type of casual way for the meaning runs too deep within the heart and soul. It resides forever in our heart and as such should always be held in the highest esteem and respect. However, I do understand that this is the mindset of the type of fantasy characters being portrayed and as such is not meant to offend or degrade.

Tania Elizabeth has written a truly intriguing and highly entertaining series that is sure to delight fantasy readers. You can easily lose yourself within the pages of her story. Be forewarned that once you enter, you may not want to return. The beauty and adventure that awaits you may just convince you to stay and experience all that it has to offer.

Review by Amber Douglas McCallister
Also available on Amazon UK

2 thoughts on “A beautifully entertaining and thought-provoking story filled with the beauty and intoxication of breathless fantasy.

  1. Greetings from the porfessor! Nice…. Fantasy can go in so many places from evil, to intense, to sad, but breathless & beautiful Fantasy that one’s got the professor’s vote! Need more of these don’t you think?

    • My gratitude to you my dear sir. And yes, I shall agree with you:) . . . more would be divine. If you ever get a chance to read my work, I would love to hear your opinion also. Nudge nudge😉 Though I must admit that I am blessed with a grand adventure ahead. For my words to be touching so many beautiful souls, is all as I had ever set out to do. Love and Blessings Professor x

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